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Maximum thought

Maximum thought

The design of the Lady's Hand hanger is inspired by the way the female hand naturally holds the handles of a handbag. It allows handbag’s preservation in the only way to retain its perfect shape: by hanging it.


The bearing element of the hanger follows the delicate shape of the female hand in folded position, which prevents breakage of the handbag’s handles when hooked.

Vertical Position

Lady’s Hand design guarantees the handbag’s excellent vertical hanging position which prevents deformations due to twisting of the handles and pressuring of the body.


Lady's Hand is small sized but solid, easily portable hanger with unique design that allows its usage anywhere you can hang it with a maximum loading up to 5kg (11lbs).

How to use it

Lady’s Hand hanger is applicable to any regular wardrobe rail and most of the clothes stands in the restaurants, in the office, on the bus’ horizontal rail in the public transport, in the car while driving and even for a standard shopping cart rail, while shopping. You may use it practically anywhere you can use a standard hanger.

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